About Us


Our vision is to encourage vibrant social and economic growth in Central Illinois by connecting people of all ages, businesses, leaders, and their community.


  •  Improve and enrich living in small, 
    rural areas
  • Coordinate area communities to set, achieve, and implement specific goals
  • Create a collaboration between communities
  • Work together to help each other accomplish individual community goals
  • Enrich the area as a whole


  • Move Central Illinois forward in social and economic growth
  • Foster collaboration and communication between our small towns
  • Involve youth, retirees, and other adults to breathe energy and life into our towns
  • Encourage growth, home-town pride, and ownership in rural communities
  • Build excitement and promote teamwork
  • Spark innovation, drive, and enthusiasm to produce a sustainable future


  • Working with local community leaders and organizations to help make Central Illinois a great place to live, work and visit!
  • Hosting Community Connection meetings to collaborate and cross-promote communities
  • Creating and holding events to showcase local foods, area attractions, and small town businesses
  • Inviting and promoting tourism so others can experience our wonderful communities
  • Providing “online experiences” to help promote Central Illinois


The Community Connection’s “online experiences” were created to increase economic growth and foster collaboration between Central Illinois communities. Through the use of online activities, coupons, and news, we plan to provide fun and productive ways to engage people from all walks of life such as youth, retirees and adults of all ages. We also desire to provide an online space where local communities can engage their citizens, share what makes their communities special, and promote changes they are making in order to reach their goals. Ultimately, by means of all those initiatives, we hope to enrich Central Illinois living as a whole. 

Why online? Putting these “experiences” online will allow for more collaboration between small towns and also improve opportunities within the community to achieve set goals.  These will automatically foster more “community connected-ness” which will create an environment of excitement and teamwork.

Finally, the idea of building a subscription-based non-profit business model around these online experiences will help spark innovation, drive, and enthusiasm to produce a more sustainable culture.

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